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Civil War Soldiers buried in Scioto Township

Civil War Soldiers buried in Scioto Township, 

Pike Co., Ohio updated 21 November 2009

Bailey Chapel Cemetery

Anderson, John T.         Pvt. Co. A 53rd Ohio Inf. 1861-1865  b. 20 Dec 1818 d. 20 Mar 1889

Bailey, John Ore          Co. D 4th Reg. OVI  C. W. Army Corp. 4 Jun 1861 Mustered out  20 Apr 1863 at Washington, DC. b. 1832 d. 26 Aug 1864

Beller, Andrew J.          Pvt. Co. C 91 Reg. OVI   enl.30 Jul 1862  Company C, Ohio 91st Infantry Regiment on 07 Sep 1862. Mustered out 24 Jun 1865 at Cumberland, MD. b. 4 May 1830 d. 30 Jan 1906

Brand, Jacob                 Pvt. Co. B 25th Reg. Ind. VI 19 Aug 1861 Mustered Out 17 Jul 1865 at Indianapolis, IN. b. 5 Mar 1835 (Bavaria) d. 14 May 1925

Fought, Thomas           Pvt. Co. H 13th W. Va. 1862-1865  b. 1828

Garlin, J. P.                  Co. I 140th Ohio Inf.

Horn, William A.          Sgt. Co. C 1st OVHA 1863-1865 b. 19 Oct 1848 d. 8 Feb 1915

Maxwell, James M.    Pvt. Co. B 1st OHA 1862-1865   b. 1841 d. 1908

Maxwell, Samuel  A.   Co. D 1st OHA 1862-1865

Peters, Elisha B.         Co. C 91 Reg. OVI  7 Sep 1862 Mustered out  24 Jun 1865 at Cumberland, MD. d. 17 Jun 1867 age 23y 4m 15d

Peters, Milton C.        Capt. Co. H 194th Reg. OVI 1863-1865  b. 5 May 1830 d. 21 Aug 1924

Primm, Andrew            Sgt. Co. H 6th Ohio Cav. 1861-1865  b. 3 Aug 1843 (Lawrence Co.) d. 4 Nov 1890

Pry, Jacob        .           Pvt. Co. A 53rd Ohio Int. 1861-1865  b. 20 Dec 1818  d. 20 Mar 1889

Ramsey, William R.    Pvt. Co. C 117th Reg. T Ohio Inf  b. 11 Jan 1840 d. 18 Apr 1915

Tidd, William B.          Pvt. Co. 33rd Ohio Inf. 1864-1865  b. 1847

Wells, Francis M.       Pvt. Co. C. 117 Reg. OVI      b. Oct 16,1843  d. 4 April 1864

Whaley, Samuel L       Co. H 194th Ohio Inf

Wilcoxon, Hillory L.    Co. E 33 Ohio Inf  b. 1836 d. 1917


Barnes #1Cemetery

Vulgamore, Robert M.  Co. C 914th Reg. OVI  25 July 1862 at the age of 22. Enlisted in Company C, 91st Infantry Regiment Ohio on 7 Sep 1862. Died of disease on 4 Jun 1865 at Pike County, OH,. d. 3 Jun 1865 age 26y 5m 20d


Haskins (Peters - Bliss) Cemetery

Donahue, Alfred            Pvt.  Co. B 10th KY enl. 10 Aug 1862 disch. 17 Sep 1863  b.1833 (Bath Co., KY)

Willis, Sylvester             Pvt. Co. H 91st Ohio Inf. 22 August 1862 at the age of 24. Enlisted in Company H, 91st Infantry Regiment Ohio on 7 Sep 1862. Transferred into Regiment U.S. Veteran Reserve Corps on 15 Dec 1863.
Transferred out of Company H, 91st Infantry Regiment Ohio on 15 Dec 1863.  b. 1840 d. 16 Jun 1893

Yates, David J.               Pvt. Co. E 33  Ohio inf. . 22 Aug 1862 disch. 12 Jul 1865


Hawk Cemetery

Pry, John W.                   Pvt. Co. C 1st Ohio Inf. Enl. 22 May 1863  disch. 15 Apr 1865 b. 1847 (Pike Co., Oh)         

Zimmerman, George W. Co. G 1st Ohio H. A. 1862-1865 b. 1847  d. 15 Jan 1890 (Soldier's Home at Sandusky, OH)

 Zimmerman, William H. Pvt. Co. C 33 Ohio inf., 1st Reg. OVHA  Enl. 3 Sep 1861  Disch. 20 Jun 1865


Miles Cemetery

C. D.                                73 Ohio Inf.


Mt. Gilead Cemetery

Delay, Joseph William   Enlisted at the age of 18. Enlisted in Company C, 117th Infantry Regiment Ohio on 14 Sep 1862. Transferred into Company C, 1st Heavy Artillery Regiment Ohio on 12 Aug 1863. Transferred out of Company C, 117th Infantry Regiment Ohio on 12 Aug 1863. Promoted to Full Corporal on 1 Jan 1864. Promoted to Full Private (Reduced to ranks) on 27 Aug 1864. Mustered Out Company C, 1st Heavy Artillery Regiment Ohio on 20 Jun 1865 at Knoxville, TN. b. 23 May 1844 (Adams Co., OH) d. 26 Sep 1890

Taylor, Robert D.               Co. C. 1st R.H.A.O., Va. b. age 66y 10m 6d  d. 8Oct 1901


Talbott-Dailey Cemetery

Argabright, John M.       Pvt. 18th Ohio Battery  Enlisted as a Private on 9 August 1862 at the age of 24.
Enlisted in 18th Light Artillery Regiment Ohio on 13 Sep 1862. Died of disease 18th Light Artillery Regiment Ohio on 30 Jan 1863 at Lexington, KY. d. 10 Jan 1863 age 24y 6m 15d

Dailey, Moses    b. 12 Jul 1837   probably-- Pvt. Co. G 56 Ohio inf.  Nov 10, 1861- 8 Feb 1863 


January 1884 Pensioners

Wakefield P. O.

Slavens, Rachel           $8.00   Widow

Ward, Samuel            $12.00  Injury to abdomen

Wetmore P. O.

Pauley, James               $8.00  Wound right leg

Bailey, Lovina               $8.00 Dependent mother

Slaughter, Adam           $8.00  Gunshot wound in leg

Henson, Charles W.      $2.00  Gunshot wound in thigh

Civil War Soldiers in Scioto Township 1890 census of Surviving Soldiers, Sailors, and Marines, and Widows, etc.

Alford Donahue Pvt. B 10th KY Aug 8, 1862 Sep 8, 1863
Joel Bailey Pvt. C 91 Reg. OVI Jul 24 1862 Jun 24, 1865
Andrew J. Bellar Pvt. C 91 Reg. OVI Jun 30 1862 Jun 24, 1865
William D.  Boydston Pvt. C 1st OHA Aug 5, 1862 Jun 20, 1865
James Castor Pvt. G 91 Reg. OVI 11 Aug 1862 Jun 24, 1865
Moses  Dailey Pvt. G 56 Ohio inf Nov 10, 1861 Feb 8, 1863
Henry  Delay Pvt. C 1st OHA Aug 20, 1862 Jun 20 1865
Joseph  Delay Pvt. C 1st OHA Aug 20, 1862 Jun 20 1865
Mordecai Dunham Pvt. A 22 Ohio inf Sep 26, 1864 Aug 26, 1865
James Estell Pvt.
John Gibson Chap OHA 1862 Aug 23, 1865
James Havens (sp?) Pvt. C 179 O inf Aug 31, 1864 Jun 14, 1865
Henry Lenarz (sp) Pvt. B 51 Ohio inf Jul 9,1861 Oct 3, 1865
Wiliam  Lockhart Pvt. H 91 Reg. OVI Aug 8, 1862 Mar 1863
James M Maxwell Sgt B 1st OHA Aug 3, 1862 Jun 20, 1865
Samuel A Maxwell D 1st OHA Aug 3, 1862 Jun 20, 1865
George  Meyers   H 56 Ohio inf Oct 22, 1861 Nov 27, 1864
Charles Miller 1st OHA Aug 6, 1862 Jun 26, 1865
George M Morgan Pvt. 1st OHA Aug 11, 1862 Jun 21, 1865
Samuel Nauce Pvt. K 194 O inf Feb 28, 1865 Oct 4, 1865
Joseph Pauley Pvt. K 176 O inf Aug 31, 1864 Jun 14, 1865
William   Pauley Pvt. C 1st OHA Aug 8, 1862 Oct 7, 1865
Milton Peters L E 33 Ohio inf Sep 23 1861 3 Feb 1862
Andrew Primm Pvt. H 6th Ohio Cav. Dec 2, 1861 Aug 7, 1865
Jacob Pry Pvt. A 53 Oho inf Sep 12, 1861 Aug 11, 1865
John Rose Pvt. E 33 Ohio inf Sep 1861 Dec 1865
Charles Schoonover Pvt. E 33 Ohio inf Sep 1861 Dec 1865
Andrew Smith Pvt. C 175 O inf 1864 1865
Calvin  Southworth Sgt H 194 O inf Jun 28, 1865 Oct 24, 1865
Robert D Taylor Pvt. C 1st OHA Jan 22, 1862 Jun 25, 1865
Richard Thomas L L 1st OHA Nov 22, 1861 Jan 4, 1864
Elijah Tidd Sgt H 194 O inf Feb 8, 1865 Oct 24, 1865
Samuel Ward Pvt. A 39 Ohio inf Dec 27,1863 Jun 9, 1865
William Ward master of arms Sep 1863 Sep 1865
George Whaley Pvt. E 33 Ohio inf Aug 8, 1861 Jul 12, 1865
Samuel  Whaley Pvt. A 39 Ohio inf Jul 17, 1861 Mar 19, 1862
Henry  Willis Pvt. E 5th Ohio inf Jun 11, 1862 Jun 1865
Robert  Wilty Pvt. B 6 Oct 1861 Oct 1862
Rev. War Soldier buried in Scioto Township

Sargent Cemetery

Boydston, Pressley     age 63y d. 11 Dec 1814


War of 1812 Soldier buried in Scioto Township

Haskins (Peters - Bliss) Cemetery

Peters, William D.           Enl. Jul 28, 1813 Dish. Aug 15. 1813 b. 5 May 1790 d. 28 Jan 1837


Spanish American Soldiers buried in Scioto Township

Bailey Chapel Cemetery

Martin, George L.            Co. K 2 inf Sp. Am War b. 6 Sep 1869 d. 18 Jul 1945

WWI Soldiers buried in Scioto Township

Bailey Chapel Cemetery

Cutlip, Floyd E.                     Ohio Co. K inf. WWI b. 16 Dec 1891 d. 31 May 1969

Rogers, James H.                U.S. Army WWI 1894-1975

Stultz, Charles                      Ohio Cpl U. S. Army WWI b. 17 Oct 1892 d. 24 Jan 1972

Vulgamore, Charles M.       Ohio Pvt. Co. F 18th inf. WW1SS b. 30 Sep 1892 d. 11 Jun 1964


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